Friday, October 28, 2005

What is your choice of horror movie?

I wonder what will be on the telly for the next few days considering that it will Halloween, Feasts of All Saints and Feast of All Souls in the following days. Well, for sure there will be the telefantasiya or fantaserye on at the regular time.

Will there be anything special? I am quite sure there will an endless parade of ghosts, creaturesm, fortune tellers and spirit-mediums doing their regular round in the talk-show circuit. But what about entertainment, films? Well one's best source would still be video, at least in video you can choose the right stuff. Unless, you collect the wrong stuff and end up having a fit like Dr Frankenstein's monster upon seeing his face on the mirror. Well, again its a matter of taste really.

As for me I do not mind seeing some of the old films. Still waiting the movie The Island of Lost Souls, a 1933 movie adaptation of HG Well's story Island of Dr Moreau. Or even Blacula or Darna vs the Impakta. Again its a matter of taste. It all a matter of taste.


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