Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Another movie that has been generating lot of interest and awards as of late is the critically acclaimed movie Mashaista. The movie started its commercial run in the Philippines the same time W&G started its run, it should be clear that unlike the W&G movie this movie caters to a more mature audience.

Questions that bugged me on my way to the cinema house were:

Why did this win several awards abroad?

What makes it different from the usual local movie?

These questions could only be answered by watching the movie.

It was a disaster. After watching the film for an hour I went out of cinema and went home. I was on the point of regurgitating my lunch on the cinema floor. So to spare the cinema from cleaning the mess and myself from public humiliation I went out.

It was not the movie; it was me. I sat so close to the screen that I started exhibiting signs of motion sickness.

What I saw though was good. I was intrigued by the film that I resolved to watch the movie the next day. This time around I sat comfortably distanced from the silver screen.

The movie is about a day in the life of masseur of gay massage parlor. This was not your typical gay Filipino movie that promotes itself as a social commentary of Filipino society and on the way show an ample amount of male flesh. First, the movie shows what happens and does not preach; the viewer is shown the social condition as it happens raw and with no political comments. Second, the plot of the film follows a non-linear way of developing a storyline; It is quite effective, the viewer is compelled to watch and to see what happens to the character. Third, the director and the writer were faithful to the story. No unnecessary scenes were included in the movie. Everything included was used to build and make effective the story.

A few rows above, I overheard one or two of viewers deconstructing the movie. Luckily, their gabbing was not that loud. It is rude to deconstruct a movie while its being watched by others, there really is no excuse for boorishness. Deconstruct the movie after you watch it. Let the other people watch it in peace.

One thing I did not like in the movie was the inconsistency of the wall clock in between the scenes. A close look at the wall clock revealed that walking from one side of the room to the other side took around five hours. Despite this the movie was unique and an interesting film.

Maybe it’s a step into the right direction.


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