Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A spot of BBC in your telly?

One alternative station I have been watching is the BBC channel. Their news coverage is as extensive as CNN and offers a fresh perspective from the other side of the Atlantic pond. However, what I find interesting with several of BBC programmes are more interesting than those produced by National Geographic and Discovery Channel.

If you are bored with mummies, crocodiles and assorted crickey related fauna, cars or you are just looking fo something new BBC documentaries are the fare you are looking for.

Let see if you like cars there is the Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond on the Top Gear Show . Clarkson irreverent style and forthright opinions makes this a must watch for car enthusiats.

Other shows I was able to see included John Cleese and Elizabeth Hurley's documentary about the face, several months later it was shown on Discovery. Then they had Simon Schama's show about the history of Great Britain. And the life of Great Britons, featured several well-known historical figures like ElizabethI, Cromwell, Winston Churchill, Darwin and Florence Nightingale. Then there was the documentary about the arts, where they showed the shift of art from period to period or how artists with the use of lenses were able to produced portraits and paintings photorealistic, the lense were used to project the image on canvass. Most documentaries if not entertaining done were spiced with dramatisation and creative story telling techiniques.

Two of my favourites shows were Holidays in the Axis of Evil and Places that don't Exist.


This is a two-part travelogue of reporter Ben Anderson as he spends his holiday/vacation in the six rogues states identified by George W Bush as the "axis of evil". Anderson, equiped with a hidden camera and a tourist map attempts to discover how life is inside North Korea, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya and Cuba.


Have you ever been to Somaliland, Transdniestria, S.Ossetia, Georgia, Taiwan and Nagorno-Karabakh?

Ok. Taiwan is not far off. But have you been to other countries. These are countries that do not exsist due to politics. Most of them are considered break-away states, some are still considered provinces. I really like this show, reporter and writer Simon Reeves effectively blends journalistic curiosity, cheerful disposition and revealing observations through out the travelogue. Go to country that seems to be trapped in the Old Soviet Republic, go to a military base , where there is a huge stockpile of military weapons and ammunition, guarded by five guards, go to a country where the KGB still exsist, or meet a president whoses region has broken away from his republic. I missed his documentary, Meet the Stans, all about countries like Kurdestan and maybe Afghanistan. Hopefully, they will show it again.

If you find yourself getting this feeling of ad-naseum from mummies and crocodiles why not check the BBC channels documentaries. Or you find yourself viewing the soliloquy of a Filipino politician on tv or promises of a better world . Change channels and go see the latest BBC documentaries and non-news shows believe me they are interesting.


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