Thursday, October 27, 2005

Darna and the Darnies versus the Anti-Darnies

I think the watchers of Darna can be divided into two set of people the Darnies and the Anti-Darnies.

My family are fervent watchers of Darna the Fantaserye. It is their regular show during dinner. As a result I have become a Darnie as well. I have said this before and I will say it again my family's power to suspend disbelief when it comes to this show is legendary. They have the intestinal fortitude to swim across the show's Sea of Inconsistency. Me, I just rely on the updates. I do not need to watch but I need to get an update on Darna's plight, Valentina's new dress or the nth time Braguda died. SO I just ask them and I also ask my friend. So I guess you can call me a Darnie.

I have two friends at the office who like to condemn Darna and criticize the show. I must admit I like to hear the complaints about the show and its storyline. In that way the show is funny. And I do enjoy the list of criticism my friends of the show. It is evident though that like the Darnies they cannot escape the allure of the show. Perhaps, intellectually they cringed at the plot, twirls, turns and occasional flip flop of the show. Ironically, they still watch it. I enjoy it, The feeling is similar to watching the Muppet show alongside their resident muppet critics, Stadler and Waldorf.

Here is to the Darnies and here is to the Anti-Darnies!


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