Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Incredible DVD sale

If you wait by the river long enough you will see the body of your enemy float
by - A Japanese Proverb

I guess this true not only for enemies but for prices of DVDs. Last week, I was able to buy an original DVD of the movie the Incredibles, the two disc version.

It was while I was on my way home that I saw a lot of booths in Gateway. The booths were selling cds, vcds, and dvds at discounted prices. The price difference seemed not that much. I was just hopping from one booth to the next. The people manning the booth were really trying hard to sell their ware; some were despondent, it would seem that the total sales so far was not that encouraging. So there I was just flippin one dvd after another. A few interesting films were there, I saw the Jeffrey Quizon and Ruffa Mae movie Radyo , I liked that movie but I already have a copy of it in vcd - the dvd version did not have enough features (I think this is downside of Filipino DVDs not enough useful special features). Then there it was The Incredibles DVD, the two disc version and at 299 pesos, its original price was 899 (The Filipino dvds were priced at 150 pesos, still a good buy because they go for around 475 pesos).

The Incredibles, this was the DVD I was waiting for. This version had three extra cartoon featurettes as part of its special features section. For those interested in how the movie was made the other features will probably be as interesting, but for me these three featurettes - Jack-Jack Attack, Boundin and Mr Incredible & Pals (Watch the first version and the second version with commentaries of Mr Incredible and Frozone , you will not regret it). Again there were other cool features, but for me these cartoon shorts were the best.

Yes, It was worth it. The wait was worth it. My nephews, who enjoyed the movie at the cinema house, watched it again. They also like the cartoon featurettes. Unfortunately, the opinion among us is divided as to what is the best cartoon short. My older nephew likes Jack-Jack Attack ; while my youngest nephew likes Boundin, because the sheared lamb reminds of his older brother (unlike him his brother is skinny); and I prefer the Mr Incredible & Pals with the commentaries provided by Mr Incredible and Frozone.

My father was always correct when he told me, "Son, It pays to wait...sometimes".


Blogger panlil said...

If the DVD was brand new that was a good deal. $5 DVDs here are usually used. I got our Incredibles DVD used for $8. There is a used shop here that has a wide selection. If you don't mind DVD without the case, you can have good ones for $3.


8:20 AM  
Blogger juned said...

Indeed they were brand new. The distributor ordered a lot and ended with glut of DVDs. I was at Greenbelt the other day and saw the same DVD on sale at Oddysey for 299 also. I guess they are dumping their old stock just in time for Christmas.


3:28 PM  
Anonymous j-phearson said...

Is the incredibles the region 3 version or the region 1 version?

Visit my blogsite for my post on this matter

4:20 PM  
Blogger juned said...

I guess it would be region 3. The 2 disc/special edition. DVD with a lot special features. It was worth it. I do hope what you said in your post will become a reality. :)

7:38 AM  
Blogger juned said...


Sorry about the typo :)

7:39 AM  

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