Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Shows on local television

Is there anything good on local television today?

I am not really a big fan of reality tv shows. More so of clones that present nothing new on it, not even a local spin. The shows from Brightminds seemed to have promise, my favourite was the adventures of Ariel and Maverick. Somehow, I lost track of the show when channel 5 moved it to a new time slot.

A lot of people are into the fantaserye - Darna and Enkantadia. I admit I get to watch it once in a while and I do get updates from the people at the house and two of my friends in the office.

It is an interesting study in contrast. Most of the people at the house, really suspend their disbelief when watching the show and they seemed to have the patience of Job, especially when the storyline becomes streched like butter over a slice of bread two feet long. I admire their will power I can never watch those particular shows for that long. I usually get summaries from them as to what happened to who etc etc. My friends on the other hand seemed to have developed an affinity for the show similar to what communists have to capitalist. Still they watch.

The cheesiness and the plot of the shows that seem to have gone the logic of the absurd is entertaining. In Darna you have an Evil villain who has conquered the whole of Earth and still lives in a derelict house. And as another friend pointed out she does not even have a proper throne. And in Engkantadia you have one of the heroes journey to an enchanted land with his yaya.

Love it or hate it these fantaseryes have a got a number of people hooked. And despite the storyline having as much holes as a summer guy's shirt it is interesting. One way or the other you end with a smile.


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