Monday, November 21, 2005

The Trouble With Harry

We were finally able to watch the latest manifestation of Rowling's tale of the wizard boy Harry Potter - HP and the Goblet of Fire. The movie ran for around two hours and thirty minutes, forewarned is forearmed. And to give credit where credit is due the two hours seem to go past with relative ease, more or less.

I am not really a fan Harry Potter, call me old-fashioned but I still prefer reading the books of JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis. Its my only vice.

Those familiar with the quest of Harry Potter and friends will need no introduction to the story and plot. Suffice to say the Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher is achieving the same level of notoriety as the Enterprise Crew members who go down a planet with Spock, McCoy and Kirk. There are a series of puzzles or mystery to solve. And there is always something wicked coming this way.

The first two thirds of the movie seems to be a long walk and final look at the first two movies of HP. We are now entering the days of darkness and juvenile angst. Again to the credit of the director and writer the process is actually bearable. The reward and introduction into the darker saga of the series is the arrival of truly someone wicked. Gone are days of the wars with pawns and substitutes. This movie ushers us into a more sadder and darker tale of Harry Potter.

I am sure the cinemas are making a killing at the ticket counter with this movie. The cinemaplex we went to had more than half of its screening rooms for the movie, yet still there were long queues.

After the movie I asked my nephew what he remembered of the movie; I asked him to retell me the movie. He remembered one wizard being trapped in the box. At least he was not bored.

The first batch of readers of JK Rowling's has grown up. And it seems the tale has too. Childhood ends and a new darker chapter begin. And this might not be bad thing.

I am looking forward to the Chronicles of Narnia. My nephews seem too.


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I came out of the cinema with a headache after watching Harry Potter! :-(

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