Sunday, February 05, 2006

Rome and Roman-themed films

The latest mini-series about Rome has finally ended. What was described in one British daily as a sandal and sex mini-series has waved good bye with the assasination of Julius Ceasar. As any good mini-series it had left everything in a cliff-hanger.

Despite its faults I like the mini-series Rome. The story was more focused on the people in Rome and took great liberties in omitting or embellishing the historical facts. Missing were the battle scenes that made Julius Ceasar great. It would have been great to see the decisive battle of Julius Ceasar in Gaul or in Pharsalus - where he fought against Pompei. What a sight it would have been, The army of Pompey and the Senate clashing againts Ceasar's army. Things would have been peachy if they remained true to the character of Augustus. The character has a lot to catch up on in season two of Rome.

Still it was good romp. Although, the series suffered from the HBO censors - who trimmed certain parts of it.

The things I noticed about Roman films/mini-series.

Romans, especially the patricians speak with an English accent. The only time I noticed a Roman spoke with a non English accent was in Caligula and perhaps in Titus Adronicus.

The best battle scenes were probably in Spartacus.

The best coliseum scene would be the Gladiator.

Personal favourite from childhood watching the films during Holy Week would be The Robe, Demetrius and the Gladiators, 500 Spartans (?). Ok the last one was not about the Romans, but I thought the movie deserved to be mentioned.


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