Monday, January 23, 2006

King Kong & Aslan Tombstone the MMFF

The Metro Manila Film Festival is over in its wakes it has left a trail of puwede na, so-so and what in heaven's name were they thinking of movies. It, the MMFF, has spawned a series of controversies and personalities acting out a tragic comedy before the public's eye. It would seem that only Behn Cervantes is talking sense when he said that if only two movies were to qualify as movie entries then only have two entries do not allow mediocre and awful Tagalog films to enter the contest. I still believe movie industry has to adapt with the times and improve its craft. No amount of subsidy will revitalised not so worthy pieces of work. Work and craft should be enough to revitalize the industry of film making just look at Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros (The Blooming of Maximo Oliveros) and the other films from non-mainstream film producers. It would be interesting to see the movie Big Time, which will be opening this week.

Movies that made a comeback after the retreat of the MMFF:

King Kong

The movie stays true to the orginal story of the movie. Its a miracle Jackson did not change the story that much. He did, however, extend a part of the movie from 15 minutes to an hour. If it weren't for the shots of New York during the 1930s it would have been a sleepfest. Fortunately, things get going once they reach the island and end up again in New York. Unfortunately, there was that interlude Jackson provided designed to establish the rapport between Kong and the woman in New York. It was totally not needed. They had already established on the island. Still it is a minor thing.The last two parts of the movie was exciting and thrilling. Overall it was not a bad remake of the original King Kong movie from the 1930s. It might be worthwhile to get a DVD of the movie, If you get one remember to skip the first part and proceed to the island.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe

CS Lewis' fantasy classic has been re-adapted to film. At last Narnia has come to bigscreen. The adaptation stays more or less loyal to story with some minor changes and no embellishments. This take on Narnia is somewhat more brighter in mood than the Lord of the Rings. It is a deal more brighter and the creatures though fantastic do not seem to be more visceral or "rough" than the creatures of Middle-Earth. In this sense it suffers from comparison to the LOTR movies. This is an unfair comparision. Narnia is more similar or related in theme to the Hobbit than to LOTR. There was one particular scene that seems to have been toned down and in the process robbed the film of becoming a spectacular movie. The scene between Aslan and the White Queen before the battle was subdued. It is not a powerful scene. One just has to back to the original chapter in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Read the chapter again and imagine the passage of this article faithfully brought to life on the silver screen. It would have been a powerful scene! The film though was nice, it could have been spectacular, but it was just nice.


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