Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Blue Moon?

There may be hope yet for the Metro Manila Film Festival. Two friends of mine gave favourable reviews for Joel Lamangan's film Blue Moon. A love story that bridges across time and is based on a critically acclaimed story or was written by a critically acclaimed writer. I cannot remember.

Let see.

Phrases used to describe a movie during the Metro Manila Film Festival that should serve as a warning that one must not watch it.

Do not have high expectations. This is probably the biggest excuse or cop-up for a really bad or mediocre film. One does not have high expectations for film released during the rest of the year, but for a movie festival?

Maganda yung effects or the effects are good. I guess one can be happy if we have actually achieved a new technological feat, but a movie is more than just effects it is an ensemble piece.

Pang Buong Pamilya, equates to formulaic, unoriginal, cliché driven, slap-stock humour and probably done with the least amount of effort.


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