Friday, June 10, 2005

Star Trek the Motion Picture

Some critics and film reviewers dubbed it as the motionless picture. The first full-length movie of the Enterprise crew.

It was said that the director Robert Wise focused on developing the movie in the style of Space Oddysey. And it is highly evident in the scene where Kirk comes aboard the Enterprise. The viewer is entertained by a slow meandering of camera shots as Scotty and Kirk approach the Enterprise.

The whole crew is present and accounted for and back to the positions they filled when tv show ended several years ago. Of course in order to this one had to demote the present captain of the enterprise with the arrival of Kirk and write in the usual but necessary death of Enterprise crewmen so that the entry of Bones and Spock would be smooth. The unfortunate crewman the science officer and doctor died while they were being beamed up. I do not know with you but hearing the screams through the graphics seemed more riveting than seeing their actual fate.

And of course there was the late Persis Khambatta , Miss India 1965, still probably one of most beautiful to come out of a Star Trek movie or episode - a friend of mine would actually differ with me on this, he liked Joan Collins who played Edith Keelerin the Harlan Ellison penned episode entitled "City on the Edge of Forever". This was Joan Collins long before Dynasty.

The movie does improve with age that is all I can say. Of course it just might be confirmation bias on my part.

I got the original VCD version, which was priced at 150 pesos. The sound seems to be a little weak. Adjusment with the TV volume seem to work. And was marketed as the director's cut.


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