Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Revenge of the Sith: I want my Darth Vader coffee mug!

Metro Manila - Star Wars fans are preparing for the premiere of the last installment of George Lucas' space fairy tale. Expectations are high that this version, which tells the tale of the downfall of Anakin Skywalker and the ascendancy of the Sith and Darth Vader, will be as good as the Empire Strikes Back, Episode V.

Star Wars fans in the Philippines have been busy as bees preparing for the event. Some Star Wars fan are planning a light-saber duel in front of select and a lot of science fiction and fantasy fans will be having a convention of sorts on the 23rd and 24th of May at the Glorietta Mall in Makati City. Premieres are as many as the midochlorian count in Anakin's body. One premiere will start around 10 pm tonight. In office cubicles in the Philippines talk and plans to watch the movie are as numerous Jango Fett's clones. The merchandising of Star Wars products, like Darth Vader ball pens and non-delicious ice cream containing Star Wars keepsakes, has began to outpace the level of Sith deceit.

Well, this should be fun to watch. I just went to the official Star Wars and you should see the Darth Vader coffee mug.

Will probably watch it this weekend.

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