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Free films this saturday

I got this from one of the egroups Brash Young Cinema Forum I joined . The films will be presented by pelikula @ titus brandsma for FREE. In line with their 7th anniversary the center will be showcasing an all-Filipino line up of films and activities: indepenpent films by Filipino film makers, Takaw Tukso(1986) a critically accliamed film written by Armando Lao and directed by William Pascaul, and forum on scriptwriting with screenwriters Armando Lao ("Takaw Tukso," "Itanong Mo sa Buwan," "Sana Pag-ibig Na," "Pila Balde," "Tuhog", "La Vida Rosa") and Chris Martinez ("Bridal Shower," "Bikini Open").

About Titus Brandsma -

I got this from their website and I think it adequately explains their role in all this. No need for me to further elaborate.

Pelikula@Titus Brandsma envisions itself as:

An 'open space'
for dialogue, interaction
and reflection through film.

And is committed to the following missions:

Create an atmosphere for open, critical analysis of films and facilitate reflection through dialogue.

Utilize film for education and formation.

Advocate acceptance and appreciation of cultural diversity through films.

Motivate film appreciation/promotion of film aesthetics.

Encourage quality works of independent filmmakers by screening them.

Objectives are as follows:

Enable us to have a better understanding and perception of the film in the light our own beliefs;

Facilitate a process of dialogue, confrontation and clarification about our experience of the film;

Order, digest and integrate our experiences, visions and interpretations;
Grow in our religious and spiritual meaning-giving.

Strengthen and deepen intercultural dialogue.

Foster film appreciation.

Serve as an alternative venue for watching art/foreign films.

Promotion of respect and appreciation for cultural diversity through foreign films.

Strengthen unity and form a network of film experts and enthusiasts.

Currently, pelikula @ titus brandsma film showings are held every second Saturday of every month at the 2nd floor of Titus Brandsma Center Conference Hall with a 45-seating capacity, air-conditioned venue. Films are viewed through a multi-media projector.

For its 7th anniversary, pelikula@titusbrandsma takes pride in presenting its first-ever all-Filipino film lineup in support of independent filmmakers, and its second Media and Spirituality forum, on July 9, 2005 (Second Saturday):

ADMISSION IS FREE. pelikula@titusbrandsma is located at Titus Brandsma Center 24 Acacia St., Bgy. Mariana, New Manila, Quezon City. For more info about us, visit, email or call Jofti (726-6054), Eric (364-7955) or Maxie (751-1169, evening only).


1:00 pm - Six short films from new filmmakers
3:00 pm - Takaw Tukso (integral version of the multi-awarded '80s classic)
5:30 pm - Sprituality in Scriptwriting forum (2nd in the "Media & Spirituality" series)


The short films, most of which will be screened for the first time in Metro Manila, showcase a refreshing, interesting mix of varied forms, styles and themes from an emerging crop of young talents from various parts of the country:

(2005, 15 mins.)
By Nich Retz Perez

A comic philosophical take on the meaning of life and the metaphorical pieces of shit of existence. Features a broken-hearted imaginative student and an enigmatic Philosophy professor (Peque Gallaga).

(2005, 7 mins.)
By Rene Durian
A visual elegy to wayward loves and mistaken romances at a turning point in the beloved's life, set to classical music by Puccini.

(2005, 14 mins.)
By Neil Colangco and Lorena Martinez
A zany tale played in broad comic strokes about a young man's psychological and physical dilemma, as gender confusion rears its perplexed head and rampaging hormones take no prisoners.

(2004, 34 mins.)
By Rommel 'Milo' Tolentino
A beguiling, moody escapade of a boy and his new friend, cavorting under the sun by the seashore and by a lighthouse that holds its own secrets. A subtle film on one of today's social concerns.

(2005, 14 mins.)
By Emilio Montelibano Jr.
An adventure film about four youths waiting by the seaside, presented in a maverick style that suits the story's masculine sensibilities and touching on another timely subject matter.

(2005, 14 mins.)
By Remuel Gellegani
A heartwarming documentary on a single mother's daily struggles to support her family, told from her point of view and by persons around her. A fine example of grassroots filmmaking, produced by homegrown talents in the municipality of Guimbal, Iloilo.


(1986, 150 mins.)
Screenplay by Armando Lao
Directed by William Pascual
A psychosexual chamber piece that takes a piercing look into human behavior, this remarkable gem of a film is distinguished by its sharply-written script, subtle direction, superb characterization and richly-textured production design. Jaclyn Jose, Anna Marie Gutierrez, Julio Diaz and Gino Antonio star as four friends caught in the complexity of their own libido and relationships.

With some scenes missing during its last public screening in Pelikula at Lipunan 1998, the film will be presented in its integral version, courtesy of Director William Pascual, who will be in attendance.

Winner of six major Urian Awards in 1986: Best Picture, Director, Screenplay, Actress (Jaclyn Jose), Supporting Actress (Anita Linda), Production Design.


The SPIRITUALITY IN SCRIPTWRITING (Scriptwriting as a Form of Storytelling) is the second of the Media and Scriptwriting forum series. Featured guest sharers are screenwriters Armando Lao ("Takaw Tukso," "Itanong Mo sa Buwan," "Sana Pag-ibig Na," "Pila Balde," "Tuhog", "La Vida Rosa") and Chris Martinez ("Bridal Shower," "Bikini Open").

Acknowledgments: Ultravision Films, Mowelfund Film Institute and Negros Summer Workshops.

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